231 - Jeep applications 1995 - Early Design with 27 spline out-put

Modified stock shaft. Currently available for use with transfer cases having an original equipment 27 spline out-put on the transfer case. Specific to Jeep Wrangler 1995 & some 1996 Cherokee. Best used in 1995 Wrangler or 1996 Cherokee with the early design out-put, but can be made to work well in all 231 transfer cases.

Note larger diameter of main-shaft in the area where the synchronizer hub assembly/chain sprocket run on this shaft. Photo bearings in sprocket

Do not confuse with other kits which use a modified stock out-put shaft.*1 For use without bearings inside synchronizer hub assembly/chain sprocket. Best used in 1995 only applications but works well in almost all 231 transfer cases. If used in anything other than a 1995 application, it may require either removal or installation of bearings inside synchronizer hub assembly/chain sprocket and may require a different speedometer housing. Our kits are provided with a precision machined out-put shaft.

Conversion kit provided with new bearing & seal retainer. Rear out-put on transfer case after conversion, will be a flange.

Core charge is $100.00. Core required for main-shaft. To receive full core credit, original main-shaft must be returned in good condition. Bent main shafts will not be accepted for core refund Return freight will be at customers expense.



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