231 - Late Design Late transfer case with 27 spline out-put


Chain sprocket with bearings

Modified stock shaft. Fixed yoke output for the late model transfer case. Currently available for use with transfer cases having an original equipment 27 spline out-put on the transfer case. Generally used in 1996 & newer Jeep applications. Do not confuse with other kits which use a modified stock out-put shaft.

For use without bearings inside synchronizer hub assembly/chain sprocket. Best used in 1996 or newer applications. If used in a 1995 or older application, it may require removal of bearings inside synchronizer hub assembly/chain sprocket. See sprocket photo.

Conversion kit provide with; Precision modified main shaft that has been shortened and re-splined. The kit also includes an original equipment speedometer housing which has been re-machined to accept a standard ISI Seal Group # 62676 which is equal to the following major brands; National # 8695S or Chicago Rawhide (CR) # 15460.

Core charge is $100.00. Core required for speedometer housing and main-shaft. To receive full core credit, original main-shaft and speedometer housing must be returned undamaged and in good condition. Bent main shafts will not be accepted for core refund. Return freight will be at customers expense..

Prices begin at $370 and includes a custom Constant Velocity (CV), Double Cardan Drive shaft.

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