Identifying Your Transfer Case

The transfer case should have a tag on it which is about 2-1/4" in diameter. It will probably have a little red ink on it. Besides the ratio ans an assembly number, the model of the transfer case will be stamped into this tag. The 231 transfer case will have 5 bolts to attach the speedometer housing to the rear case half. The 242 transfer case will use 4 bolts. Especially on late model Jeep Cherokee and Liberty applications it is important to identify the spline count on the rear out-put of the transfer case. There will be either 27 or 32 with the exception of the GM application 231 and 208 transfer case, we do not have any conversions for transfer cases which originally used 32 splines.




Especially important for Cherokee and KJ applications.. Is there a port for the shift position sensor in the speedometer housing? And is the Speedometer driven through the transfer case (The housing will be machined to accept the speedometer driven gear assembly). Or is this portion of the housing cast but not machined?