Installation Instructions for SYE Kits
Installation is easy and can be done while the transfer case remains in the vehicle. A typical reported install time is about 4-1/2 hours. Please take a moment to review the instructions for each of the conversions for your model transfer case. They were each written by different hands and they all have their strong points and weak points. The process is analogous as you simply take the transfer case apart, switch the main shaft and re-assemble the transfer case.

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Special Tools needed

What else do you need?

Oil for the transfer case. Check with your vehicle manufacturer for the proper type. Usually a Dextron type II automatic transmission fluid is suggested.

A small amount of silicon or RTV sealant.

Possibly shims (placed between the springs and the spring perch) or with a coil spring suspension, you will need to have a set of adjustable trailing arms or adjustable cam bolts This is to position the differential properly for the CV drive shaft.