Tera-Flex Super Short Kit


Chain sprocket with bearings


Nets the longest drive shaft of any conversion. Either kit will result in a drive shaft that is ~3" longer than if using any other heavy duty conversion or 2" longer than our modified stock shaft conversion.

Kit can be made to work well in any 231 transfer case application. Speedometer is driven with a tone ring.

Installation into Jeep and other applications are possible but may require a different speedometer.

On a 1994 and older application, you will remove the bearings which are in the synchronizer hub assembly/chain sprocket. 1995 and newer application, you will not. This is because of the difference in the main shaft in the area where it goes through the synchronizer hub assembly or chain sprocket.

Prices begin at $545 and includes a custom Constant Velocity (CV), Double Cardan Drive shaft.

In order to use the Tera Flex Extreme Short Shaft Kit in Wranglers built prior to 1999 it may be necessary to change the connector on the end of the factory chassis wiring harness.

Flat Blade Plug
Round Pole Plug

Teraess 97-99 Plug

If your vehicle uses the round pole type plug you will need to update to the blade style plug, in order to plug into the Tera Flex Extreme Short SYE. The new plug is sold by Tera Flex, their Part number is 4990108. If you are already running the blade type then you should be able to plug right into the new plug included with the Tera Extreme Short SYE.Some vehicles do require an additional part in order to re-calibrate the pick up sensor if you have changed gears and/or tire size.

If you have a Cherokee application, Click Here