In order to build the drive shaft to correctly fit your vehicle, we will need a measurement from the vehicle. If you have a TJ or a later model Cherokee with the rubber boot that attaches to the slip yoke on the drive shaft, measure from the slinger on the rear out-put of the transfer case (this will be the leading edge of the rubber boot) to the center of the universal joint at the rear differential. If you have a Wrangler or an earlier Cherokee, simply measure from the outermost lip of the rear out-put seal on the transfer case to the center of the joint at the differential end. From this original dimension we will be able to determine what the required length will need to be as an end result after you complete the conversion.

If you have something other than a Jeep application or have a non-standard rear differential, please click here: MeasuringGuide and identify as per step # 2 for the correct attachment at the differential end of the drive shaft.

If you have a Cherokee application, Click Here