Is your club looking for raffle prizes and discounts?

Many 4 wheel drive clubs solicit donations from various vendors for their club events. We have always been happy to help those who contact us in this regard. We currently give away many tens of thousands of dollars annually supporting various organizations. We feel it is important to be a good corporate citizen and be “a part of the circle that makes it all work”. Our intent is to: Promote the sport of 4 wheeling, Give back to the 4 wheeling community, Develop and establish ongoing relationships with groups & customers, Benefit the club member by way of product discounts. Annual support of clubs & events by way of raffle prizes.

If your club is looking for raffle prizes for your events, contact us to learn more about our “Official Club Sponsorship Program” We think you’ll like what we have to offer.

When contacting us, please do so at least 90 days prior to your event.