Trail Hazard Protection Warranty

This is offered as a damage protection service only on our better grade of drive shafts.

Fairly straightforward (no attorneys involved). Basically this plan is designed to limit your loss in the event of an unforeseen failure.

The cost of this plan is an additional 20% of the retail price up front. Then if you are ever out wheeling and run over a rock, bend the tube or are just beating your way up a hill and the drive shaft breaks, all you will have to do is send the drive shaft to us and we will either repair or replace the shaft and return it to you (UPS ground) at no charge. In most instances this 20% charge will be considerably less than the cost of a simple re-tube of the drive shaft from your local shop. This warranty will cover one repair/replacement of a purchased drive shaft.

Limitations to this plan are that maintenance will always be the customer’s responsibility (i.e.. grease). The damage must be evident as a failure of, or damage to the drive shaft from trail hazards such as rock damage etc.. and not a result of failure to related components. For example; if your strap & bolts on the pinion yoke you already had, break and create the damage to the drive shaft. This would not be covered. However, if you had purchased the Trail Hazard Protection along with a new pinion yoke and the same failure occurred, you will be covered. If the drive shaft has been modified from it’s original form or otherwise reworked, by any individual or company other than ours, the protection plan will be voided. (I can only guarantee the quality of our workmanship and parts)