About Us

Our drive shafts are built on a reputation for quality workmanship, product knowledge, Warranty and customer service. Tom Wood's Custom Drive Shafts Inc. will continue to build the absolute best quality drive shafts available anywhere at an affordable price. Because of the variables from stock to the endless variety of custom modifications on today's vehicles, we manufacture each drive shaft one at a time to suit your needs, not ours. We have developed a unique ordering system that makes ordering a drive shaft ordering as simple as 1,2,3. This assures that you get the right drive shaft for your application, the first time.
After 20 years of working in the business, I opened Tom Woods Custom drive shafts in April 1999. Starting with a small rented garage and myself as the only employee. Since then we have grown. We now employ 10 good people and have moved into a 2400 square foot manufacturing facility with an additional 2400 square feet of warehouse space.
We are more of a manufacturing facility than your typical drive line shop, specializing in 4X4 drive shafts only. We buy in bulk, which allows us to produce the highest quality at a competitive price.
Customer service, we make sure that everyone gets what they want/need. We believe it is important that the consumer understand there are differences in our product. Here’s a little information about the drive shafts we build. These differences are a little less than obvious, but make the drive shafts superior to what you could get anywhere else.

All of the components will be selected based on quality, rather than cost (minor cost differentials but substantial quality improvements). We have many components made for us and to our specifications. For example most of the slip yokes we use are made from a forging rather than a casting for additional strength. Most of our drive shafts use our exclusive “Gold Seal universal joint at no additional charge. The optional Trail Hazard Protection protects the customer in the event of rock damage or breakage of the drive shaft. All that you/they would have to do is send the shaft to me for repair or replacement with return at NO CHARGE.

Tom Wood's Gold Seal universal joint
GOLD SEAL Universal Joint

Welding is done with a semi-robotic MIG process. The tube used is a Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM). This tube will have a yield & tensile strength of nearly double the strength of a comparable sized factory Cold Rolled Electric Welded (CREW) tube. Factory allowable tolerances for straightness are halved.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, precision balancing is done at a speed of 3400 RPM.

Choice of colors available at no additional charge. The polish & clear coat finish option is for show quality and is available at an additional $25.00 charge.

Polish & Clear coat finish

In most applications, the top of the line drive shaft splines are cut for the full length of the stub. This allows for a bit more than twice the contact area between the slip yoke & spline. This, in and of itself, should give you more than twice the life on these two components. With the booted slip yoke & spline stub, the spline will last almost indefinitely.

The S spline is a conventional spline stub that will yield a safe, effective and usable stroke of 3”. The X spline is longer than the S spline. The X spline is cut for the full length of the spline stub. This gives a bit more than twice the contact area between the slip yoke and spline stub and a stroke of 4-1/2". This in and of itself will net more than twice the life on these two components.

With the XB configuration, we will use a heavy rubber boot which is banded down with stainless steel banding to seal all of the contaminates out and keep the grease in. The XC configuration uses the same slip yoke & spline stub but instead of using the rubber boot, we drill and tap the slip yoke for a grease fitting and use a dust cap which has convolutions that follow the spline stub for sealing. We consider the XB configuration to be the longest lasting and best value.