Tail Shaft Conversion Kits


With lift kits getting higher, and horse power increasing, more and more four wheelers are searching for a drive shaft solution that will transmit torque through extreme angles and not destroy itself doing so.

Most other manufacturers’ CV components will flex to about 25-30 degrees and with a little “tweaking” we can get to nearly 35 degrees prior to a binding interference.

Our 42-degree CV joint, when high flex is critical, is more durable and will outperform any other CV that we're aware of. This joint was designed to be run at a high angle. Use it on your front or rear drive shaft to eliminate that vibration and withstand the punishment other CV’s cannot.

  • 32mm cup (comparable Dana 1 ton, 1350 series )
  • .750" diameter stud to align and center the CV unit (others use .500")
  • All moving parts are serviceable through easily accessible grease fittings.
  • 42 degree angle potential
  • Readily mounts to our custom manufactured out put flanges. Available in 10, 26 & 32 spline for use with the Dana model 18, 20, 300, New Process 203,205 and Atlas transfer cases.
Manufacturer Claims:
“We have tested this shaft as is at over 2500 RPM with no discernable vibration. We have abused it and attempted several times to break it with no success. Our feeling is that this shaft is as good as it gets for any 4x4.”

Our opinion is that this drive shaft should not be intended for use in a vehicle that is designated to be a “daily driver” but only as a solution to problems where no other drive shaft will work.

Call us for pricing and application details.