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Competitor Program

We’d like to give thanks to all those involved; Drivers, Spotters, Fabricators, Teams, Wives, Husbands, Children, Promoters, Spectators, Sponsors and other Advertisers. Without the participation of all, this sport wouldn’t be what it is today.

We are proud to have been involved with the sport of professional rock crawling since its inception. Sponsoring such famous names as; Chris Durham, Garrett Sisson, Charlie Melchner, Dean Bulloch, Jeff Mellow, Amy Bulloch, Brad Styles, Mike Bailey, Ken Blume, Ken Shupe, Bryan Hamilton, Jon Bunderant, Jack Bettio, Doug Bigelow, Kurt Hilderbrand among many others.

In addition to supporting the various rock crawling competitors, we have also supported most of the different organizations Such as ARCA, UROC, NEUROC and EROCC. Through the years we have contributed many tens of thousands of dollars in sponsorship money for both the organizations and competitors, while providing some of the toughest drive shafts available for the most grueling applications.

If you are a competitive rock crawler, contact us to learn how you can get your share of the discounts and sponsorship contributions.

Even if you’re not a competitor, remember this; Our “everyday customer” receives the same quality and workmanship in every drive shaft we build whether it’s for an Extreme Rock Crawler, Trail Vehicle or Everyday Driver.



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