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Ultimate Travel
travel.jpg (4141 bytes)

Up to 24" of travel from compression to extension
Multiple Double Cardan (CV)
Multi-DoubleCV.jpg (5220 bytes)
Used for excessive compound angles
Double Cardan Conversion
doublecardan.jpg (5530 bytes)

Stops vibration and improves life on lifted vehicles
Flanged CV Conversion
Flange_Adaptor.jpg (5589 bytes)

Custom adapters allow use of CV joint on any application
High Angle Double Cardan (CV)
high_angle.jpg (1884 bytes)

Up to 80 degree articulation is the most flex of any shaft
Shorty Double Cardan (CV)
shorty.jpg (10343 bytes)

Limited space, high angle

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Note: Most drive shafts shown in photos are polished and clear coated, this finish adds $25 the cost. We only recommend the polish & clear coat for show vehicles or very dry climates.
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