Double Cardan Conversion

Fixed Yoke Type

Reverse Slip Type

If you have a Jeep application please refer to the appropriate link (by application) from our main page.

After lifting many full sized vehicles a CV (Double Cardan) drive shaft is a good choice to eliminate vibration issues and provide the longest lasting drive shaft.

In many full sized applications that originally used a reverse slip drive shaft, an SYE kit (if available) is suggested rather than simply changing the drive shaft. This is because the bushing in the tail cone was not really designed to support the additional weight of the CV drive shaft. Installing our double cardan drive shaft will allow for a simple re-installation of the factory original drive shaft if ever needed.

These drive shafts are available for most for full sized vehicles using the 203 & 205, 208 & 241 transfer cases along with most Borg Warner transfer cases.

With this type of drive shaft, you will need to identify your transfer case and you may also need to count the splines on the rear out-put. In any application, you will need to confirm the universal joint or flange pattern at the differential end and a length measurement. Please refer to our measuring guide. Pay particular attention to step # 2 & step # 3