Shorty CV

This drive shaft is made by counter-boring the CV weld yoke to accept the insert of the spline stub, then joining the 2 parts with a single weld.

The drive shaft shown is at full compression of 9.25" this shaft would have a nominal working length of about 10.00" allowing about " of stroke, each direction, while still allowing an effective spline engagement of about 2". This is what we refer to as a "safe effective and usable stroke"

We’ve seen others touting a 13.5" drive shaft with 5" of stroke, be assured that this can only be as measured from full compression to the point where it falls apart. Our 13.375" CV drive shaft will have a "safe effective and usable stroke of 3" allowing for 2.25" of spline engagement with the slip yoke at designed full extension. Longer working lengths will allow for a greater range of travel and tend to cost a little less.

Very common uses for this type of shaft are the Jeep CJ5 with a 700R4 transmission (Usual running length of around 12.5").

For a drive shaft of this type plan on spending around $320+. This type of shaft becomes slightly more expensive in the extremely short lengths. It may also require changing your transfer case out-put yoke ($60 to $90).