Measuring Your Dodge Dakota and Durango Driveshafts

Front Drive Shafts

Figure 1: Rezeppa to Fixed Yoke


Figure 2: Rezeppa to Flange

We build a Conventional Double Cardan drive shaft to replace the stock drive shaft. This drive shaft can be built different ways and pricing starts at $299.00.

Figure 3: A131XC shaft

Figure 4: AX131F shaft

The output yoke on the transfer case will need to be changed, we will need a spline count from the transfer case as well as a length measurement, the u-joint dimensions and or flange dimensions at the differential end.

Figure 5: Spline count

Please count the splines on the t-case output yoke. It will use either 26 or 32 splines. The yokes will cost $60.00 - $90.00 depending on what you need, you may also need a new seal for the t-case.

We will need a length in order to build the drive shaft. The measurement should be taken with the vehicle weight on the ground. You will want to measure from point to point following the path the drive shaft takes from the t-case to the differential.

Measure For Length

Figure 6: Measure rezeppa fixed


Figure 7: Measure rezeppa to flange

Please measure for u-joint dimensions at the differential end.


Figure 8: End yokes and universal joints

If using a flange please measure for flange dimensions A, B, C1 and C2


Figure 9: Flange measurements

Stock Front Type A Conventional Double Cardan

Figure 10: AX131F shaft

Starting at $299.00 using 1310 series u-joint with the standard spline, $319.00 with the X spline.


Figure 11: Measure fixed yoke to fixed yoke


Figure 12: Spline/Slip Yoke Differences

Rear Drive Shaft

Dodge most commonly used Type B, Type C or Two Piece drive shafts for the rear.

NOTE: Please note we cannot build drive shafts longer than 75” also, we do not build or balance 2 Piece type drive shafts with the carrier bearing. Sorry we do not build or work with Aluminum Drive shafts. Please follow our measuring guide so we have the proper information from your vehicle.

Also if your vehicle is using a different type of drive shaft please follow the instruction in our measuring guide.


Figure 13: Type B shaft


Figure 14: Measure fixed yoke to fixed yoke



Figure 15: Type C shaft


Figure 16: Measure reverse slip to fixed yoke


Figure 17: Measure reverse slip to flanged yoke

Please measure for u-joint dimensions at the differential end.

If you are using a Spicer type yoke there will be two centering lugs that center the universal joint in the yoke, we will need the E and D dimensions for the Spicer type yoke.

If you are running the Detroit Saginaw type yoke there will be no centering lugs on the yoke since the u-joints will have Snap rings (C clips) that are on the u-joint caps.

These snap rings are what center the u-joint in the yoke and we will need to know the F and D dimensions for the Detroit yoke.

Figure 18: End yokes and universal joints


Figure 19: Proper geometry for Conventional Two Joint Drive Shaft

Figure 20: Proper geometry for CV Drive Shaft