Measuring Your Nissan Xterra Rear Drive Shaft

We build a drive shaft using 1310 Series U-Joints.

Figure 1: Xterra Rear Shaft


If your differential is using a flange we will build an adapter to attach to the stock pinion flange and then the drive shaft bolts up to the adapter. This package sells for $599.00.

You will also need to make sure your drive line geometry is set correctly for smooth operation.

Figure 2: Double Cardan (CV) Drive Shaft

Pinion is set correctly when it measures 1-3 degree’s lower than the drive shaft slope.

You will need to ship us the Reverse Slip yoke that slides into the back of the Transfer Case so it can be modified to have a flat flange.

Figure 3: Reverse Slip yoke before


Figure 4: Reverse Slip yoke after

Once we have received your reverse slip yoke to be modified, it may take a couple business days to modify your part. When complete, we will typically ship the following business day.

Figure 5: Stock Xterra Rear Driveshaft

Please determine how your drive shaft attaches at the differential end and Measure for length.


Figure 6: Stock Xterra Rear Driveshaft


Figure 7: Stock Xterra Rear Driveshaft


Figure 8: Flange measurement A, B and C