Super Flex, Offset Universal Joint

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Unleash Maximum Articulation: Conquer Angles with the Super Flex U-Joint

Struggling with driveline binding on your lifted truck or off-road beast? Standard universal joints just can't handle the extreme angles thrown their way. Introducing the Super Flex U-Joint, an innovative solution that unlocks 10 degrees more flexibility compared to conventional joints.

What's the secret? The unique design features offset trunnions, spacing the yokes further apart for increased articulation. This translates to over 5 inches of additional droop at your axle with a 30-inch driveshaft. Say goodbye to binding and hello to unmatched off-road performance.

But remember: while the Super Flex joint excels in low-speed, high-angle situations, it's not for continuous high-speed driving. Usually this is high angle driveline joint is used in front drive shafts that can be disengaged when 4WD is not required. This joint thrives in off-road adventures and rock crawling, where you can truly leverage its impressive range of motion.

Built for the demands of off-road dominance, Super Flex boasts:

    • 10° more angle capability: Conquer extreme inclines with ease.
    • Offset trunnion design: Maximizes articulation for superior clearance.
    • Heavy-duty construction: Built to withstand the rigors of off-roading.
    • Ideal for lifted trucks and off-road vehicles: Perfect for tackling challenging terrain.

Available in 1310, 1350, and 1410 series. 

IMPORTANT: THIS JOINT WILL CAUSE DRIVE SHAFT VIBRATIONS. It is not compatible with double cardan (cv) assemblies. It should not be used at high speeds.



Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Daniel Beeman
Great flex, great product

These joints are exactly what we needed to keep the driveshaft from binding to get the maximum flex of our suspension. 18” driveshaft and 14” of travel to the rear axle.


extreme vibration ordered a new drive shaft complete

Isaac Bolduc
Best way to go with high angle driveshafts

Worked out great solved my problem joints looked like they were great quality very easy to install would recommend these joints to anyone

Allen Nelson
Works great

I got one to help with my front drive shaft at full droop. I have a spare for just in case I break it. 2 seasons on tons and 42's running Johnson Valley. So far the spare has not been needed. Great product.

Easy way to gain angularity

My 1350’s were nearly maxed out at rest. Grinding yikes only gives you so much more, and it wasn’t nearly enough for my set-up. This left me with double cardan or “un-clocking” my t-case. I put one of these offset joints at the case and gained enough angularity to get a full 12” off droop from my axle. Hoping it has the strength of a standard joint- time will tell….