Choosing between 1310 and 1350 series in a Jeep JK

1310 and 1350 designate the size and strength of the joints and components we use in the shaft. Just like how an F250 is a bigger and more powerful truck than an F150 a 1350 series shaft is a bigger and stronger shaft than a 1310 series shaft. Bigger does not refer to the length of the shaft though, just the size and strength of the parts. In a Jeep JK, tire size and ring/pinion gear ratio are the biggest determining factors in deciding between the 1310 and 1350 drive shafts. Bigger tires require more effort to move the vehicle forward, lower (numerically higher) gears increase the mechanical advantage of the drive shaft and lessen the effort required to move the Jeep forward. Because the rear shaft is the primary shaft and does most of the work most of the time, it sometimes needs to be a little stronger than the front. Because of this, we have slightly different recommendations for the front and rear shafts. It is common for people to run a 1350 series rear shaft but a 1310 series front. Refer to the two charts below for guidance on which size shaft is right for you and your vehicle. 


Front shaft recommendations:



Rear shaft recommendations: