Jeep XJ Products

When you choose Tom Wood’s for your custom Jeep XJ drive shaft needs, you will be getting the high-quality, long-lasting components you deserve. All our drive shafts are fabricated by hand right here in our shop. But, because we keep a full inventory of components on hand, we can ship your order within one business day in most cases.

We not only have custom Jeep Cherokee driveshafts but a variety of related products as well, including axle shims and slip yoke eliminators.

Custom Front Jeep XJ Driveshafts

XJ driveshafts come in a variety of lengths. To ensure your custom order is the correct one for you, we require that you provide us with measurements. Fortunately, the process is easy. We can help you identify the conventional Double Cardan or multiple Double Cardan driveshaft you need.

Rear Jeep XJ Driveshafts

We have options for stock rear XJ shafts as well as Double Cardan rear shafts. This double cardan option works best if your vehicle has more than 4” of lift, providing smoother operation and eliminating the need for drop spacers at the transfer case.

XJ Slip Yoke Eliminators

We offer a variety of slip yoke eliminator (SYE) options that include the driveshaft. You must identify your transfer case type to ensure you get the right parts. You can visit our technical information page for instructions on how to measure your Jeep XJ driveshaft and identify the type of transfer case you have.

Contact us today for more information or to place your order for custom Jeep XJ drive shafts.