Dodge Products

Tom Wood’s has custom Dodge driveshafts for 1500, 2500 and 2500 models as well as Ram trucks and Dodge 4x4s. Strong and durable, our custom-made components are the ideal solution for replacing problematic factory parts.

Many Dodge truck models and model years are known to have drive train issues. Choose our custom components for a stronger, more durable alternative to the factory design.

Custom Built Dodge Driveshaft

Because this manufacturer has used a variety of factory components over the years, we offer our true custom front and rear options. For Dakota and Durango front, you can choose from Rezeppa to fixed yoke, Rezeppa to flanged, and a number of options and configurations for conventional double Cardan.

For Ram and Ram Charger, this includes Type A double Cardan yoke at T case, double Carden flanged at T case and double Cardan flanged at both ends, as well as Type B options.

For detailed instructions on how to measure your Dodge Durango and Dakota driveshafts, visit our technical information page. We also have an in-depth description of how to measure a Dodge Ram driveshaft.

If you have questions about measuring or ordering custom Dodge driveshafts, contact us today or place your order online now.