Jeep CJ Products

Custom Jeep CJ driveshafts from Tom Wood’s offer all the features and options you need, no matter which setup you’re running. Vintage Jeeps are popular and fun, especially when you’ve got the right components in place.

All our driveshafts are custom-fabricated in the U.S. We fabricate and ship most orders within one business day, so you can get the exceptional quality you’ve come to expect without waiting forever to get your driveshafts and accessories.

Custom Jeep CJ Front Driveshafts

We offer high-quality options for conventional two-joint shafts, as well as components for models with a manual or automatic transmission. With any shackle reversal setup, to ensure that we build a shaft that will do what is needed, we will require additional measurements. You will need to measure from yoke to yoke at normal ride height and measure from yoke to yoke under full suspension droop. To order this type of shaft you will need to call us ahead of time.

Rear Jeep CJ Driveshaft Options

We have options for OEM-type shafts, whether you have a standard U-joint or aftermarket components. The correct option for you may also vary depending on how much lift you have on your rig. We also offer CJ double Cardan rear drive shafts, which are appropriate for vehicles with higher lifts.

Measuring Jeep CJ Driveshafts

This process is straightforward and simple, as long as you identify which option you need. With so many choices for both front and rear CJ shafts, we recommend you visit our technical information page first. Here, you will find all the information you need about how to measure a Jeep CJ driveshaft. You can also contact a member of our experienced team for advice and assistance.

When you want the best components for the most reasonable prices, call on us for all your custom Jeep CJ driveshafts.