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Transfer Case Yoke

We have a wide selection of different transfer case yokes. Select the spline count, the type, and the joint size. All u-bolt style yokes come with the u-bolts. The price will automatically adjust based on your selection. If you don't find what you are looking for here, give us a call.


10 spline yokes fit model 18 and some model 20 transfer cases. Does not fit 10 spline output shafts on Chevy 205 transfer cases.

26 spline yokes fit Dana 300, the front of an NP231J, some model 20 transfer cases, as well as a few other applications. 

32 spline yokes fit most slip yoke eliminator kits for the NP231J, the rear output on any 203 or 205 with a fixed yoke type rear output, the front output on a Ford 205, Atlas transfer cases, as well as a few others. All of these yokes will have a 2.125" seal surface except for the 1310 cv and the 1330 cv variations, these will have a 1.875" seal surface. If you need a new seal, give us a call. 

32 spline for the 241J yokes fit either the front or rear output for any NP241J aka 241OR transfer case. These are what you'd find in a TJ Rubicon or any JK or JL model Wrangler. There are two things that set them apart from the other 32 spline yokes, the seal surface diameter and the end of the splines are counter-bored. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Doug M
The way a business should be

The lost art of good business practices. Call to verify information before ordering driveshaft. Got answers straight away. Ordered driveshaft and yoke and was surprised when it arrived within the week. Yoke was a perfect fit to the xfer case. Entire install of yoke and driveshaft was 10 minutes.

Luke S.
Nice Yokes!

Fit and finish was perfect, shipped quickly.

Tim Gabbert
Great service & timely shipment

I had previously tried to source a 10 spline 1310 yoke for a dana 20 transfer case from another resource, kept getting a delay of shipment notice. Cancelled my order and ordered one from Tom Wood's, had what I needed in stock and shipped out all within a week. This was a perfect fit to my previously purchase Tom Wood's drive shaft.

Angel Maldonado

The 26 spline 1350 yokes were exactly what I needed for my Dana 300!

Robert Martin
Fit great, worked great

Worked perfect on my 80cj with Dana 300.
Installed for double cardan driveshaft.