Chevrolet Products

When you need stock or custom Chevy driveshafts, turn to the experienced pros at Tom Wood’s. For decades, we have helped our customers get the affordable, high-quality replacement parts they need for peak performance and durability in the most challenging off-road environments.


Chevy Front Driveshafts

We have options for both Chevy and GMC models that run a stock shaft as well as a BAMF 42-Degree CV shaft. This model is the ideal solution for trucks with substantial lifts and high angles, with the ability to flex to 42 degrees before binding. This design is specifically for part-time, low-speed use only.

Chevy Rear Driveshafts

We offer full custom rear shafts for Chevy vehicles. These models provide a solution for rigs with non-stock axles, non-stock transfer cases, and other vehicle-specific challenges. Contact us directly to discuss your needs. These orders require very specific measurements to ensure you get the precision part you need.

With decades of experience behind us, our team understands the challenges Chevy owners face in equipping their off-road vehicles. We know that knowledge is power for our customers. For that reason, we have a library of technical information and articles to assist you, including detailed descriptions and instructions for how to measure driveshafts on a Chevrolet.

Whatever your needs may be, we are always here to answer your questions and help ensure you get the parts you need. Contact the Tom Wood’s team today for help with any of your Chevy driveshaft needs.