1350 Series Double Cardan Drive Shaft

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1350 CV Driveshaft

This is for those of you who have something more custom and need a 1350 double cardan shaft. For this to work you will have to have one of the options listed in each of the dropdown boxes below. Measure your flanges or yokes and the length as shown in the video embedded at the bottom of the page. Length measurements should be taken at ride height. Then just select the attachment type at each end, select the tube size, and select greaseable or non-greaseable joints. If you need an attachment type that isn't listed or have concerns about angles, having adequate compression/extension, or anything else please call us to order or for more info. 801-737-0757

If you have a 1350 series yoke at the transfer case make sure it is a CV compatible yoke. The bolt spacing in the wide direction should be 2.75" center of hole to center of hole. If it is wider or if you have threaded holes you will need a different yoke

If you have a flange, specify whether your t-case or pinion flange has threaded or smooth-bore drilled holes. We will build drive shaft to have the opposite so that the bolts will pass through one thing and thread into the other. 

Select the tube diameter based primarily on length. 2" diameter tube is what we normally use for front shafts due to clearance being a common issue in the front. 3" and 3.5" is what we use for rear shafts. The longer the rear shaft , the larger the tube diameter.  Select the .083" wall tube for vehicles that are primarily driven on the road and the .120" wall option for off road vehicles that are likely to have rocks bang against the tube from time to time. 

This is by no means a complete list of all the options so if don't see what you need or if you have questions please call us! 801-737-0757

The pictures generally represent the shaft you select but depending on options the actual appearance of the shaft may vary.  




Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Shawn Batista
Excellent Turnaround!

Been wanting one of these guys driveshafts for a while, ended up really needing one after putting the stock GM on through my oil pan...Placed the order with Karry yesterday 1/23/23, received shipping notice today 1/24/23 and tracking shows it to be delivered on the 26th! I could have had one a little sooner from my local shop at a price tag of ~$700, but I have to work the next 4 nights anyways so there's not much I can do to the rig until my next set of days off. Hats off to these guys for great customer service and what I know will be a top notch driveshaft with all the positive reviews from the 4x4 community!

william brady
2015 F250

needed a new front drive shaft due to a 3inch lift that was rubbing on converter. Called Jon at woods with a few questions he was quick with the answers and i had it in a week could not be happier with the product and support. it fit perfect very nice company to deal with..

John Richter
Perfect Drive line!

Gave woods exact measurements. Received the perfect fitting front drive line for my 96 ccb powerstroke. Fast build, fast shipping! Thanks guys!

wes mahoney
awesome company and product!!

not my first rodeo had probably 5-6 project cars and trucks that i put custom drive trains in and i thought i knew a good bit about drive shafts. i measured angles , yokes , ect.. called to order and got taken to school by troy one of there guys on the phone . a couple months later after i got this truck my baby a 1969 bronco that I've built from a bare frame ready to order after moving pinion angles again and putting limit straps on so working angle didn't get to be to much on full drop with 1350 cv's . i called again to order. came in a couple days later beautiful shafts front and rear balanced, painted, and fit perfect !!! they will have all my shaft business from now on and I'm in north Carolina just a few miles away 2500 . thanks guys for a awesome experience and a wonderful product!! havent been able to run yet should be running this weekend two years been working on it.

Brendon phillips
Looks great. Well built.

Haven't had a chance to beat on it yet, but the fit is good and it seems pretty stout. Won't be worried about breaking it.