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Axle Shims

Steel shims to go between your leaf springs and your spring perch. These are used on leaf spring vehicles in order to adjust pinion angles and achieve proper drive line geometry. Our shims are 2.5" wide, machined from steel, and include a new set of 3/8" diameter center bolts. Select size (in degrees).

Click here for information and photos showing how to measure drive shaft angles.

Use the calculator below to determine the right size shims. The shim calculator figures out the current joint angle, takes into account how much the drive shaft slope changes as a result of the shim, and aims to achieve a 2-3 degree net joint angle. The calculator is only for double cardan rear drive shafts. If you have something else or if you have questions, give us a call. 801-737-0757


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Customer Reviews

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3 degree shims

These worked great on my Tacoma with the OME Dakar leaf packs using the 3/8 center bolt. I searched around and most everyone else carried aluminum shims or the steel ones with the notch in them. I wanted steel shims that bolted to the leaf pack using the center bolt and this was one of the few available!

Wrangler Shims

Great, well made product. Awesome customer service. Thanks


These are a good price but the centering pins are too wide for with my leaf springs (Old Man Emu CS330rb). I ended up taking a leaf out of my springs anyway and had enough length on the original pins to clamp them back together.

Quit thinking about buying these and just do it!

These were perfect. I admittedly didn’t use the calculator since i was after a specific angle, but i’m sure it works well. Don’t mess with the cheap aluminum shims. I have 5/8 ubolts and once you torque them to around 150 or so ft lb the aluminum compresses and changes the angle slightly. If not right away within a few months or so. You’ll also get dissimilar metal corrosion as well with aluminum and steel axle/springs. Go with steel and forget about them. If you don’t have the time to do it right the first time when are you going to have time to fix it?

2 degree shims worked great

Well machined shims, long pins with heads that fit the axle perfectly. Now my pinion is aligned correctly and things are nice and smooth.