Measuring Your Grand Cherokee 247 or 249 Rear Driveshaft

Measuring Your Grand Cherokee 247 or 249 Rear Driveshaft

OEM Type Drive Shaft

We can build a new stock type drive shaft for your Cherokee. If you have substantial lift and want the smoothest drive shaft, we suggest a double cardan type drive shaft.

While we do not have a conversion (SYE) available for the 247 or 249 transfer case. We have made efforts in the past, spending several thousand dollars attempting to develop a mechanically sound conversion but have not been able to. There are other companies that offer a “slip yoke eliminator” for this application, but none that we would consider worthwhile.

However in this particular transfer case, we do offer a CV type drive shaft that does not require modification to the transfer case. We consider it to be the “lesser of all evils”. The biggest problem is that the bushing in the tail cone was not really designed to support the additional weight. For this reason, in your application, we would build the drive shaft on a 2.5" diameter X .083" wall tube in order to make the drive shaft as light as possible. 

We would need two measurements to build. Simply measure from the outermost lip of the rear out-put seal on the transfer case to the center of the joint at the differential end.

You will also need to confirm the universal joint size at the rear differential, dimension E. This dimension will be either 3-7/32" or 3-5/8".