Measuring Your WK Jeep Grand Cherokee Front Driveshafts

Measuring Your WK Jeep Grand Cherokee Front Driveshafts

WK Front Drive Shaft

We build a double cardan drive shaft to replace the stock drive shaft. This drive shaft uses 1310 series Spicer non-greaseable universal joints. Though we list this shaft primarily for the WK, it also works with many other Grand Cherokee type Jeeps of the same era. Such as the Jeep Liberty KK and the Jeep Commander XK. If you have one of these other Jeep models, just look at your stock shaft first to make sure it matches what we show below. The drive shafts come painted Black.

We consider this to be the best design of drive shaft for Jeeps that are lifted, are driven hard, or have had repeated problems with the stock shaft. However, there can be some disadvantages as well. One is that the life of the double cardan joint depends heavily on you greasing it. The grease fitting is small and difficult to access. As long as you grease it once or twice a year, you can expect a long life out of it. The other possible disadvantage is weight. Our drive shaft is much more robust than the stock drive shaft. This means it is also heavier. The heavier a drive shaft is, the more potential it has to cause high-speed vibrations. We balance the shafts very well, but the effects of something like a slightly loose transfer case flange will be greater with a heavier drive shaft. 

If for any reason the shaft does not meet your expectations, it can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. You just pay the return shipping. We wish we had a 100% success rate with these shafts but about 5% of customers end up returning them. 

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, look at the two photos below. They show the two types of stock shaft your Jeep might have come with. Identify which one you have, then read below about how to measure for a new WK front drive shaft. 

 Stock WK Grand Cherokee Front Drive Shafts

Figure 1: Stock WK Drive shaft: Rezeppa to flange


Figure 2: Stock WK Drive shaft: Rezeppa to Rezeppa



New Replacement Drive Shafts

Figure 3: Flanged Conventional Double Cardan


Figure 4: Flanged Conventional Double Cardan

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Multiple Double Cardan

Alternatively, if you have more than 4” of lift and or want the smoothest possible configuration, we would suggest our multiple double cardan drive shaft (4 U joints). This drive shaft can only be built with our S spline. Call for pricing and details about the multiple double cardan shaft. 



Measure for Length

Measure Rezeppa to Flanged Yoke:


Measure rezeppa to rezeppa: