Measuring Your Grand Cherokee Conventional Double Cardan Front Driveshaft

Measuring Your Grand Cherokee Conventional Double Cardan Front Driveshaft

Front Drive Shaft

For the Double Cardan (CV) drive shaft we have two options available. Either drive shaft will be built using upgraded heavy wall tube, larger/stronger slip yoke & spline stub and our “Gold Seal” universal joints. With our S spline, the drive shaft is $299.00. Our top of the line shaft with the longer travel X spline with XC or XB slip yoke is $319.00.



Multiple Double Cardan Shaft

If you have more than 4" of lift, our multiple double cardan drive shaft may be your best choice (four U-joints). This drive shaft can only be built with our S spline. The cost for this shaft is $519. The required pinion yoke would be $60.00. The multiple double cardan shaft must be ordered over the phone. 

The S spline is a conventional spline stub that will yield a safe, effective and usable stroke of 3”. The X spline is longer than the S spline. The X spline is cut for the full length of the spline stub. This gives a bit more than twice the contact area between the slip yoke and spline stub and a stroke of 4-1/2". This in and of itself will net more than twice the life on these two components.

With the XB configuration, we will use a heavy rubber boot which is banded down with stainless steel banding to seal all of the contaminates out and keep the grease in. The XC configuration uses the same slip yoke & spline stub but instead of using the rubber boot, we drill and tap the slip yoke for a grease fitting and use a dust cap which has convolutions that follow the spline stub for sealing. We consider the XB configuration to be the longest lasting and best value.