Measuring your LandRover/RangeRover Driveshafts

Conventional Two Joint


Conventional Double Cardan


Multiple Double Cardan

With the exception of the front drive shaft in Discovery II applications, The Land Rover & Range Rover generally used a conventional 2 joint drive shaft. There were also some rear applications that, rather than using a universal joint at the rear differential end, used what Land Rover referred to as the “Roto-Flex” coupling. This “Roto-Flex” coupling is an elastomeric element that connects the drive shaft to the pinion flange with six bolts. Three of the bolts connect the coupling to the drive shaft the other three connect the coupling to the pinion flange.

If your application used the “Roto-Flex” coupling and you need a new drive shaft, you will need to replace the three pronged pinion flange with the more common four bolt pinion flange. The Land Rover part number for this flange is STC3722.

We offer a variety of drive shafts for the Land Rover / Range Rover applications ranging through the conventional two joint drive shaft, the conventional double cardan and a multiple double cardan drive shaft. If you have no lift on the vehicle, you are probably best served with the stock type drive shaft. If you have a lift on the vehicle you may want to consider a different design.

With vehicles in the near 3" lift range, we suggest converting to the conventional double cardan drive shaft. In vehicles with greater amounts of lift you may want to consider our multiple double cardan drive shaft. This is especially true in situations where you are unable to maintain proper geometry for the conventional double cardan.

The Land Rover / Range Rover drive shafts we manufacture use our “Gold Seal” 1310 series universal joints. The 1310 series is the most common universal joint in the world used in many Ford, GM, Jeep & Dodge applications. It is very similar in size and strength to the factory original Land Rover universal joint. With our drive shaft, you should never have a problem finding a replacement universal joint if it is ever needed.

All of the drive shafts we manufacture for the Land Rover are direct “bolt in” replacement shafts. It is no longer necessary to use the old style adapter flanges.

While we can supply many drive shafts with application information only, it is generally recommended that you provide us with a length measurement. This will insure the best fitment possible.