Super Duty Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit

Tom Wood's Super Duty 231J SYE

If you want the greatest strength possible, there is nothing on the market that compares to our Super-Duty SYE kit. This kit allows for the installation of a 1310, 1330, 1350 & 1410 series drive shaft, in either a conventional two joint design, or a double cardan. All of these options are possible with a single design.

We also offer the best warranty on this SYE kit. If you EVER break the output shaft, or the output flange on the SYE kit, not only would we replace any broken parts -at no charge- we would also pay you $100.00. We are that sure of its strength!

To order the SYE as a complete package including the drive shaft, you will need to take a couple of simple measurements. 

This measurement should be taken with the vehicle parked on flat ground. Your tape measure should also follow the approximate slope of the drive shaft, going straight from point to point (no bend in the tape measure) and it should be done at about the 3 or 9 O’clock positions at each end (center height).

The illustrations show measuring with the drive shaft in place. If you have no drive shaft in the vehicle the measuring points would be the same.

For the YJ, XJ, ZJ & WJ applications, you will need to measure from the outermost lip of the rear output seal, on the transfer case to the centerline of the universal joint at the differential end (which is the same as the flat surface on your pinion yoke).

On all TJ applications and some XJ applications, you will should measure from the forward edge of the rubber boot -that clamps between the drive shaft- to the centerline of the universal joint at the differential end, as is illustrated.

Note that on some vehicles, there is a harmonic balancer on the rear output shaft. If you have this, you should still measure from the forward edge of the rubber boot, to the centerline of the universal joint, at the differential end.

If you do not currently have a drive shaft in your vehicle, and you want to order the drive shaft with the vehicle, and if you would like to plan on having your drive shaft delivered at the same time as your SYE kit, we can easily do this for you. You can supply a length measurement as shown below. One is for the for the length, as shown below.

Depending on the application, we may also need to know the universal joint size at the differential end. If you do not know which series of universal joint size you need, you can determine this using the art below and measuring for the E dimension, as in some YJ, ZJ & WJ applications, they use a 1330 series universal joint at the differential end. The most common is the 1310 series.

Please note the E dimension is the distance between the centering lugs, on the yoke, which is the same as the width of the universal joint, outside of bearing cap to outside of bearing cap.

On stock Jeep yokes these are the two sizes used.


= 1.0625" (1-1/16")
= 3.218" (3-7/32" which is roughly 3-1/4")


= 1.0625" (1-1/16")
= 3.625" (3-5/8")

If you have questions, or would like to place an order, please contact us.