2-Piece Buggy Front Drive Shaft

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Two Piece Front Drive Shaft for Buggy

Our Two Piece Drive Shaft is used in many applications where it would be impossible to run a single drive shaft because of an obstruction. In essence, wherever the drive shaft has to go around a corner. Common applications are the more extreme built Jeeps or rock buggies with an automatic transmission.

We believe our design to be the best for the following reasons:

  • Rigid center support bearing. This eliminates lateral flexing of the drive shaft which occurs when using a soft, resilient center support bearing.
  • Each section of the drive shaft has a provision for compression and extension. Regardless of how rigidly you mount your engine to your frame, there will always be some flexing of the frame, motor and mounts. This will equate to a minor length  change between the transfer case and the center support bearing. Even if this is only a few thousandths of an inch, this needs to be accounted for.
  • The spline section between the transfer case and the center support bearing is a 1.375" diameter spline hardened to automotive specifications. All other components are “off the shelf”.

Available in 1310 or 1350. Or a combination of these joint sizes.

If necessary, the D2-2nd section can be made with our ultimate travel drive shaft.  For applications which require a long stroke in the drive shaft.

You do not need to have the bearing mounted to measure for the drive shaft, you can estimate where you plan on mounting the bearing. If you'd like to get the bearing first, you can order one from us for $80, or you might be able to find one locally. The specs for the bearing will be as shown here.

The information required to order is the universal joint size required at each location and the length measurements which are as shown in the photo below. For purposes of measuring, you can approximate the location of the pillow block bearing in your vehicle. It doesn't have to be exact, as long as you are within about a half an inch of where it will really end up. 

Please keep in mind that with this type of drive shaft, it will be impossible to maintain good drive shaft geometry. You will experience some vibration issues. The amount of vibration cannot be determined prior to installing the drive shaft. Minimal joint angles will net the smoothest operating drive shaft. It is for this reason that we highly recommend this be for low speed applications only such as off road only or in a vehicle with locking hubs so the drive shaft will not be turning at a high rate of speed.

For more information or pricing please feel free to contact us via phone or E-mail.