Land Rover Front or Rear Shaft, Double Cardan

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Double Cardan Land Rover Drive Shaft, Land Rover Propshaft

Shaft fits most Land Rover applications that use a 4 bolt flange at each end. Does not fit Discovery 2 front nor any Land Rover shaft that uses a 3-bolt flange at the axle.

Double cardan shaft, also known as a CV. This is what you need if your vehicle is lifted and you are experiencing vibrations or other problems due to increased angles. On rear shafts, perfectly smooth operation may require adjustment of rear pinion angle. Shaft is built with 1310 series joints, fully greaseable unless specified otherwise.

Click here for more technical information and for photos showing how to measure for the correct shaft. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
CJ Reed
Land Rover Defender Drive Shaft

I am very pleased with the drive shaft. It fit perfectly and required no special adjustments. I highly recommend purchasing your drive shafts from Toms. I called them first to make sure I was ordering the right drive shaft for my build. The salesman I spoke to was very helpful and talked me through what I needed. He also reassured me that if there was any problems they would make it right. I received the drive shaft in a couple days and it was perfect. I will be ordering the front drive shaft soon. Thanks for great customer service. CJ

David Blair
Quick Service - why did I wait so long!?

Installing the Tom Woods double cardan drive shaft immediately solved an issue I’ve been living with for months — a vibration on overrun. I should have done it sooner! I also installed a double cardan rear driveshaft at the same time — perhaps a bit of overkill — but I anticipate that this will be great preventative maintenance for any heavy articulation issues that I go through.
I’d like to add that the service and prompt shipping was second to none, even with the fact that I am outside the USA. Most US companies I’ve dealt with are hesitant to ship to Canada but Tom Woods pulled it off without a hitch.

Jon Haslam

Had defender lifted 2”, had a vibration in 5th&6th when backing off throttle, installed double cardan drive shaft
Fitted perfectly, just done 2000 km trip , all good , no vibration

Bruce Duckhart
P38 vibration

I lifted my coil sprung P38 about 1 1/2 inches and discarded the counter weights. I then had quite a rumble in the front between 2800 and 3200 RPM. Basically freeway speeds. I installed the double cardan driveshaft and it is smooth as silk! I also flexed it on an RTI ramp and no driveshaft binding. I feel all lifted P38's would benefit from this, and you can throw away that stupid weight as a bonus!