Double Cardigan

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Double Cardigan

Stay warm this winter with a premium knit double cardigan from Tom Wood's. 

Note: A Cardigan is a sweater. If you are looking for a drive shaft you are probably looking for a Double Cardan instead. 

Customer Reviews

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excellent quality but needed sleeve alterations

yes this is great but my arms are a little longer, is it possible to get this with the 1330 sleeves instead of the standard 1310?

Brent Ewing
Good for Fall

Stay comfy and cozy during brisk fall runs!

Todd Wilkinson
Sometimes overkill

The double cardigan is great when you need it. But sometimes it's too warm and I find myself wishing I had a single cardigan.

Shawn wood
No more chirping!

I left my old cardigan outside and exposed to the elements too long. A couple of angry sparrows took up residence and made a nest. Now every time I try to use my cardigan they make an awful chirping noise. Picked up a new one from Tom Wood's, no more noise! Quiet and smooth the way a cardigan should be.

Scott Ammerman
Kept me warm, not enough zerk fittings.

This totally corrected my pinion angle issues, but also attracted moths. Deducting one star.