JL Rear Drive Shaft, 1410 Series

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1410 SERIES JL Rear Drive Shaft

1410 series for those with a big motor and a heavy foot. If you have high horsepower, huge tires, or a habit of breaking things and are looking for the strongest drive shaft you can get, look no further. 

Tom Wood's 1410 series JL rear shaft comes with the required output flange for the transfer case and the required pinion flange. This will only fit JL models with the Dana 44 rear end. 

Key product features

  • Double Cardan design. Eliminates problematic CV joints, torn CV boots are a thing of the past. 
  • 1410 series components means you will have the strongest JL drive shaft on the market. 
  • 3" diameter 0.083" wall USA made DOM tube.  
  • Greaseable double cardan center ball.
  • Comes with non greaseable u-joints for maximum strength. 
  • Double cardan flexes to 30 degrees before binding.
  • Comes with required transfer case flange and pinion flange. 
  • Comes with all required attaching hardware.
  • Best of all every shaft is custom built to whatever length you need. So you can be sure that you will get the right thing the first time around.

Jeep JL rear drive shaft lengths vary a bit and we want to make sure you get the right thing. That is why we require a length measurement before building the shaft. Measuring is simple and easy. Measure as shown in the photo in the product photos on this page. You can measure with or without the stock shaft installed. 


Customer Reviews

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Raymond Jaramillo

Great quality & precision. Installation was pretty self explanatory. Tricky part of course was making sure not to over tighten the rear crush sleeves. Ordering online and talking with the team was also very positive. I’ll be coming back for all my future driveshaft purchases.