NP241C Slip Yoke Eliminator

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241C SYE

A true Slip Yoke Eliminator kit for the NP241C Chevy Transfer Case. This is not a hack and tap; it is a brand new 32 spline rear output shaft, new seal retainer and seal, and new output flange. The output flange is compatible with 1310, 1350, and 1410 series drive shafts. The bearing hub is in the correct location, unlike other 241c kits which require a spacer between the bearing and bearing shoulder. This kit utilizes an "off the shelf" output flange and does not require a special shortened yoke or flange like other 241C SYE kits. 

Key product features

  • New output shaft (not a hack and tap).
  • Comes with versatile output flange that will work with many different sizes and types of drive shaft.
  • No bearing spacer required, which means you get full and even load distribution on the rear output bearing. 
  • Uses standard type output flange. Does not require a specially machined and shortened yoke or flange. 
  • Maintains the stock speedometer housing.
  • Shortens the output shaft of by a whopping 5 inches!
  • 32 spline output flange with 2" centering pilot and both 2.5" x 2.5" and 3" x 3" bolt threaded bolt patterns. Uses 7/16" NF threaded holes and includes 4 bolts and lock washers.

Download complete installation instructions here. 

It is not necessary to install the SYE before measuring for the correct length drive shaft. See the photo below to learn how to measure for the correct length shaft before installing the SYE. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
David Percell
241c SYE Kit

Excellent quality kit that was easy to install...even combined with an input shaft change out (32 to 27 spline) and rebuild kit. Will be running behind a 5.3LS/4L60e combo in a 68 Jeepster Commando sitting on a complete shortened 2011 JKU Rubicon Frame/Chassis. This will enable me to run a 1350 double cardan setup to the stock Rubicon 44 rear axle. Highly recommended...especially if you need to retain the OEM VSS signal for the ECM and/or Speedometer....which I needed for both.

Cody Murney
Np241 SYE an Tom woods custom drive shaft

The SYE kit fit perfectly with zero issues. Work nicely in my 89 LS swapped suburban on 37's

Noah Affronti
Works good

Exactly what I needed to eliminate the slip yoke on my np241c

Works great on NP243c

Installed this kit on my electronic shift NP243C, everything went great and fits well.

Matt Naujock

I've used this kit multiple times and always fits perfectly. Highly Recommend..