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Two each of four different stickers. Sticker pack includes: My Shaft Is A Woody, Black Tom Wood's Logo, White Tom Wood's Logo, Classic Yellow Oval. 

Free, that's right free! As long as it can be either added to an order or mailed in a regular old envelope with a stamp.

Maximum 2 packs per order. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Mark Bjorlin

I can not say enough good things about the folks at Tom Woods Driveshafts. They built me a custom shaft for my buggy and I can’t be happier. I wanted to get a few decals for my ride and tool box and to my surprise they were free!!!! Sent to my door no charge! Thanks again Tom Woods!

William Cook
High quality decals.

Decals look great on my Jeep Wrangler

Tommy Grant
Great stickers

Loved them. Slapped them right on my XJ. Great quality.

Greg Wood
Great product

Great stickers and great product.

Jennifer Sims
The best!

It is an awesome thing to be able to get replacement stickers to replace the original worn out ones. I love to have stickers to advertise the products I put on my Jeep! Thank you again!!