Strap and Bolt Set, 1310 or 1330 Series

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What most people don't realize is that the u-joint straps are designed to stretch and conform the to the u-joint when tightened. Once they have been stretched once, they should not be re-used. Using old straps can prevent your u-joint from being held in place firmly and securely. If you have a strap and bolt style yoke and are getting a new drive shaft, you should get a fresh set of straps and bolts. Fits Jeep and Ford yokes, does not fit Chevy or GM yokes.

Fits either 1310 or 1330 but only fits 1310 or 1330 series yokes with threaded holes. If your yoke has non-threaded holes, you may need a set of u-bolts instead. 

Proper torque on the bolts/screws is 15 foot pounds. 

Customer Reviews

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Dale Edwards
TJ Rubicon Front Driveshaft Strap and Bolt set.

Excellent quality and perfect fit. The only nit I might pick is that the bolts for the T-case end of the shaft were not the customary (for me) 8mm, but that is a very small issue. The peace of mind gained from having new straps and bolts is big, especially considering the small cost of the kit. Having thread locker already on the bolts was another plus.

Rick Vasquez
Love my Woody

After installing the rear double drive shaft, I couldn’t wait to replace the front OEM drive shaft on my 99 TJ 4.0. The level of service provided by this drive-shaft shop is nothing short of amazing. They have expertise and are willing to share information with novices like me. No reason to shop around, go with Tom’s

Well made, worked great

Well made, worked great. Bolts were pre treated with blue thread locker.

Paul Howell
Great parts

Ordered these parts with a new drive shaft which is highly recommended. They were high quality and fit perfectly. They even had loctite on the bolts. Shipped the next day after I ordered them. Top notch product and service.


Speedy delivery, excellent quality, also great customer service.