Strap and Bolt Set, 1310 or 1330 Series

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What most people don't realize is that the u-joint straps are designed to stretch and conform the to the u-joint when tightened. Once they have been stretched once, they should not be re-used. Using old straps can prevent your u-joint from being held in place firmly and securely. If you have a strap and bolt style yoke and are getting a new drive shaft, you should get a fresh set of straps and bolts. Fits Jeep and Ford yokes, does not fit Chevy or GM yokes.

Fits either 1310 or 1330 but only fits 1310 or 1330 series yokes with threaded holes. If your yoke has non-threaded holes, you may need a set of u-bolts instead. 

Customer Reviews

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Randall Snider

Fitment was spot on, heavy duty straps & bolts had thread locker already on threads.

Jeff Sosko

Snugged right up on, very confident in product.

Needed some help

I ordered 2 tom woods drive shafts for my 92 yj on 33's. I was out in the woods, in the mountains of Northern New Mexico. In the mud. I ended up needing a new set of straps.. no big deal to tom woods crew.. but a big deal to me.. story goes deeper..let's just say the guys at tom woods were so professional and helpful.. they got me my straps 3 days later and included a whole set if bolts on them.. just to be safe!! Thank you again.. you guys and your equipment is the best on the market. Thank u!!!!

Jeff Nye
Compleat the job right

Great upgrade over stock .

Anthony Camoratto
Great Product and Company

My front drive shaft installation on my 2001 Cherokee XJ went great. The instructions at the Tom Wood's site for measuring were clear and easy to follow. The drive shaft arrived quickly and well packaged and in perfect shape. Time to order one for the rear!