Toyota Drive Shaft Bolts

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Normally, the aftermarket drive shaft flanges are slightly thicker than the stock drive shaft flanges. This may require slightly longer bolts. Get yourself a set of these 10mm flanged bolts to go along with your new drive shaft. Sold in sets of 4, you will need one set for each end of your drive shaft. Some vehicles use studs instead of normal bolts at the transfer case, in which case you won't be able to use these bolts at that end of the drive shaft. 

These bolts are now included with any new Tom Wood's Toyota drive shaft.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
sam Johnson
World's best

Bolted right up looks bad I smoked my motor on the test drive! Shaft will hafta wait on the abuse.

Sam Cross
Longer bolts!

Worked perfectly

Jeffrey Martin
Great product

Excellent product, excellent people

Diego Martinez

keeps the shaft from a shakin', so you can drive through and keep a breakin' (other stuff not the driveshaft at all).

Gevork Mkrtchyan
Fast service, Product seems well built

I can't speak to the longevity of the product just yet, haven't put enough miles on it. It is well built and all welds and fitment of the components are perfect. One of the best parts of this process was the online ordering. The information provided on the website is very helpful and fool-proof in assisting with the ordering process. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they build and ship the driveshaft! If I had any initial complaints it would be about the paint job. It seems some parts of the driveshaft surface was not perfectly prepped and the paint just rubbed off. It doesn't bother me as I just added some black spray over it. Oh, and most importantly, no vibrations! I only had to change do to modifications on my 4Runner which caused the stock driveshaft to vibrate.

Thanks Tom Woods driveshaft!