Toyota Tacoma Rear Drive Shaft

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Toyota Tacoma Rear Drive Shaft

Single piece drive shaft replacement for those troublesome two piece Toyota Tacoma shafts, no more carrier bearing! This double cardan style drive shaft, in addition to working better at higher angles, it also reduces the amount of complexity of the drive shaft. Less moving parts means less things to fail. If you have a lifted Tacoma, you may be experiencing the typical Tacoma drive shaft shudder. This is usually felt upon take off or at low speeds while accelerating. If that is what you are experiencing, your problem is most likely the drive shaft angles. Most of the time this shaft fixes the shudder and vibration problems created by lifting your Tacoma. Sometimes however the vibrations will persist. Because of this, we recommend that you only buy this shaft if you are experiencing problems with your stock drive shaft. If you don't have any vibration issues currently, it may be best to stick with the stock shaft. If you get a shaft from us and it does not meet your expectations, you have 30 days to return it for a refund. Overall our customers have very good success with our Toyota Tacoma drive shafts, but every once in a while our drive shaft does not fix the customer's vibration problems. 

Please click this link for some important technical information regarding these drive shafts. 

Tacoma drive shaft lengths and flange patterns vary. In our experience there is no single standard length or flange patterns for any particular model. To ensure that you get the right thing you will need to take a couple measurements before ordering your drive shaft. You need to measure the distance from your transfer case flange to your differential flange. You will also need to measure the bolt pattern at each end. It is important that you measure the bolt pattern on each end because they are often not the same at both ends.  Sorry, we are not able to build rear drive shafts for 2WD prerunner Toyota Tacomas. 

Key product features

  • Eliminates the carrier bearing.
  • Eliminates the complexity of the two-piece stock shaft.
  • Double cardan design for smooth operation on lifted trucks. 
  • Uses 1310 series universal joints. These are the most common size of u-joint there is. Replacement joints are much easier to find than stock Toyota style joints.
  • Shaft uses 3.5" diameter DOM steel tubing. Better quality tubing than most stock Toyota shafts use. 
  • Can be built using our greaseable Goldseal universal joints or non-greaseable  joints. 
  • Includes 8 new bolts which may be required at either end of the shaft. 

If you have any questions along the way, give us a call.

Watch the video below for to see how to measure, how we build, and how to install a Toyota Tacoma rear drive shaft. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 162 reviews
Michael Mosbauer
Do it!

2006 Tacoma. Bought new. 96,314 miles. 3in block lift, upgraded to 3in OME with Dakar rear leaf packs 10 years ago. Developed a rotational noise this last year. I was pretty sure it was the carrier bearing or u joints. Didn't want to pay Toyota for a new shaft. Started e mailing questions to Tom Woods and got quick answers from Shawn Wood, ordered a new shaft on a Monday, shipped to Washington (free shipping) on Wednesday and arrived on Friday. Had the local shop install for 120$ because I suck.
It's like driving a NEW freaking truck. Seriously. I did it to get rid of the carrier bearing but I did not realize the amount of vibration I was used to, it's gone now. No noise and no vibration.
I measured three different times before ordering.
Thank you Shawn and team!

Couldn’t be happier

I normally don’t leave reviews but I’m super stoked with this product. I have a 07 tacoma and it had an awful vibration while on the gas. Originally I was going to rebuild the driveshaft meaning carrier bearing and u joint. Then I stumbled across this driveshaft. I was a little hesitant because of price and not being 100% sure that was my issue. It took like 30 mins to install and night and day difference. Zero vibration and drives amazing. Also, my truck isn’t lifted. Most people are relating the issue to being lifted but either way this drive shaft is a must!! So happy with the quick shipping as well. Couldn’t be happier and will definitely come back if I need to with other vehicles.

James Stutt
Jim, Canada

Great product, delivered in a timely fashion. Vibration that I had is gone, yahoo no more steady bearing. I would recommend this for any taco owner.

Nick Maynard
Had a driveline vibration.

Good stuff. Wish I had another tacoma so I could get another one.

Replacement for stock driveline

I'm og owner of my 2017 Tacoma. I made it 200k mi and the spline shaft started to fail due to high mileage. This company came highly recommend and I'm glad I chose their product. It feels like my Tacoma is brand new again in the drivetrain. Installation was a breeze. Highly recommend this driveline for a replacement. Thank you guys for such a quality part.