Toyota Tacoma Rear Drive Shaft

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Toyota Tacoma Rear Drive Shaft

Single piece drive shaft replacement for those troublesome two piece Toyota Tacoma shafts, no more carrier bearing! This double cardan style drive shaft, in addition to working better at higher angles, it also reduces the amount of complexity of the drive shaft. Less moving parts means less things to fail. If you have a lifted Tacoma, you may be experiencing the typical Tacoma drive shaft shudder. This is usually felt upon take off or at low speeds while accelerating. If that is what you are experiencing, your problem is most likely the drive shaft angles. Most of the time this shaft fixes the shudder and vibration problems created by lifting your Tacoma. Sometimes however the vibrations will persist. Because of this, we recommend that you only buy this shaft if you are experiencing problems with your stock drive shaft. If you don't have any vibration issues currently, it may be best to stick with the stock shaft. If you get a shaft from us and it does not meet your expectations, you have 30 days to return it for a refund. Overall our customers have very good success with our Toyota Tacoma drive shafts, but every once in a while our drive shaft does not fix the customer's vibration problems. 

Tacoma drive shaft lengths and flange patterns vary. In our experience there is no single standard length or flange patterns for any particular model. To ensure that you get the right thing you will need to take a couple measurements before ordering your drive shaft. You need to measure the distance from your transfer case flange to your differential flange. You will also need to measure the bolt pattern at each end. It is important that you measure the bolt pattern on each end because they are often not the same at both ends.   

Key product features

  • Eliminates the carrier bearing.
  • Eliminates the complexity of the two-piece stock shaft.
  • Double cardan design for smooth operation on lifted trucks. 
  • Uses 1310 series universal joints. These are the most common size of u-joint there is. Replacement joints are much easier to find than stock Toyota style joints.
  • Shaft uses 3.5" diameter DOM steel tubing. Better quality tubing than most stock Toyota shafts use. 
  • Can be built using our greaseable Goldseal universal joints or non-greaseable Spicer joints. 

Please check out our Toyota tech page below. If you have any questions along the way, give us a call.

Click here for more technical information and for photos showing how to measure for the correct shaft. 

Watch the video below for to see how to measure, how we build, and how to install a Toyota Tacoma rear drive shaft. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
So easy a caveman could have done it

I watched the video for installing this in a Tacoma 3rd Gen while researching the vibration problems I'd been having in my 2004 Tacoma TRD while accelerating, usually lower speeds. Like most Tacoma owners with the problem, I've got a suspension lift. My truck has 250,000 miles and its in great condition but that stock two piece drive shaft was worn out. All I did was measure the length of the shaft like Shawn explained how to do in the video and the bolt patterns on the U-Joints and placed the order. Within a week I had my new drive shaft delivered and installed it today without any help. All you need is a 14mm socket, 12 mm wrench and a 17mm wrench. I highly recommend that penetrating oil be used the night before though if you dont have an impact hammer as my bolts on the front U-Joint by the transfer case were stubborn and needed to be forced out with a hammer.
Very satisfied and worth every dollar I paid for it!


Drive shaft was perfect fit, but I forgot to order the bolts that would’ve saved me time on install.


I think the best thing about this driveshaft was how fast it was delivered. I figured it would take a week or better and I think it took 3 days from the order being placed to having it at my door. It immediately fixed the vibration I was getting from a worn out carrier bearing. If you have a lifted Tacoma do t waste your time trying to sort out the drive line angles, it’s only a temporary fix. 10/10 would recommend.

2015 Tacoma Access Cab

Had driveline vibrations after installing a 3” leveling lift. Installing carrier bearing spacers helped somewhat but wasn’t smooth. Read about Tom Woods driveshafts on a Tacoma forum and after a while decided to give it a try. Ordering was easy and shipped fast. Installation took about an hour. Took the truck out for a drive and was amazed how smooth it was! Would recommend to anyone who has vibration problems.

So Far So Good!

I have a 2013 Tacoma TRD Sport 4X4 Double Cab Short bed. 6 inch Pro Comp lift fro dealership on 35 Pro comps. I mainly bought this Driveshaft because even at low miles of 38,000 my carrier or “center” bearing was getting very loose and wobbly and was nearing replacement time. I was dreading the replacement and figured I would have to do it againg in another 30 to 40,000 so I just wanted to delete that hassle. Since I have installed it I can tell it drives smoother through the 40-60 mph range. I had chalked up my minor vibes to 35 inch tires & 6 inch liftthis did help with about 40% of what i was feeling in that speed range. I didnt & still dont have the takeoff shudder at all. I had already replaced the needle bearing with the ECGS bushing which also helped with about 36% of front vibes. It is a high lift truck and I expect some vibes with the Pro Comp tires im running. I love the BFGs Ive had on my other truck and will eventually go back to them. Think that witll finally be the cure all. The only reason for 4 Stars is the paint on my shaft had some pretty big runs in it. Other than that Im really impressed so fay and hope to never have to go back to a carrier bearing!