Gold Seal Universal Joint

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Tom Wood's exclusive universal joint. Using high industry test standards, these universal joints exceeded manufacturers’ load, life and strength requirements. The 1310 series version of this joint also features an easy access grease fitting.


Customer Reviews

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Kelly Taylor
Keeping my Tom Woods Drive shaft call Tom Woods parts

I know I could’ve picked up some universal joints at my local auto parts store but the quality I expect it out of the Tom Woods Drive shaft required that I use the same quality as they originally built on my drive quality parts quality service thank you so much for your assistance I over ordered some of my parts and was able to return them Right away they were prompt and professional and courteous thank you so much

John Kreifels
Great Product

I inherited a Jeep and was told it was a Tom Woods drive shaft. After emails and phone calls, it turns out it is not a Tom Woods drive shaft; however, working with them, we got the right u-joints. Secondly, their price is evenly matched with competitors. I will be shopping with Tom woods again.

Richard Uhlry

I need to know which joints go in my front shaft 98TJ , the guy before me installed the woody shaft so just want to make sure i get the joints for the front and rear because I dont want to screw up or have to do twice the work

Tyler Sarns
Fantastic ujoint


Excellent customer service

I had a hell of a time installing these and went through two pairs of them. Tom woods gave me a free universal joint and showed me how to install it correctly. This company produces nothing but quality products and has the most outstanding customer service I have ever experienced. I will recommend their driveshafts and all of their parts to anyone.