CV Socket Yoke

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Quiet the "angry sparrows" and rebuild your drive shaft with this and a couple of u-joints. 

Greaseable and non-greaseable socket yokes for double cardan (CV) style drive shafts. Because of compatibility requirements of other parts it is important that you replace your old socket yoke with one of the same design. If you currently have greaseable, replace it with greaseable and vice versa. A greaseable socket yoke will use a small flush grease fitting. In a non-greaseable setup, there will be a small rubber boot on the cv weld yoke into which the socket yokes fits. If you have the non-greaseable design, just make sure you pack that boot full of grease before installing the new socket yoke. 

Use the drop down menu to select the size and style you need. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
John Zakshesky
Excellent product

Great quality easy install. Super fast shipping from Tom Woods as always.

John Kreifels
Great Product!

I rebuilt my rear drive shaft: quality service and parts.

Tyler Sarns
Great product


Al Haranda
Great Products

Replaced because it squeaked a little bit. Quality part as expected from Tom Woods.

Dylan Muyres
The best

Rebuilt my Tom Woods rear driveshaft with this. High quality at a good price, what more do you want?