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Replacement boot for Tom Wood's shafts with XB configuration. 

Torn drive shaft boot? You can replace it! This boot will fit any Tom Wood's brand drive shaft with XB slip yoke. Comes with two replacement steel bands and two nylon zip ties. 

Pro tip: When replacing your rubber boot, there a few things to pay extra attention to. One is the orientation of the slip yoke. Accidentally changing the orientation of the slip yoke will affect the balance of the shaft. We suggest that you mark the drive shaft and mark the slip yoke before pulling them apart. Then just re-align your marks when putting it back together. Another thing to pay attention to is dirt. If your boot has torn, you probably have dirt inside your slip yoke. Clean all dirt off the spline and out of the slip yoke before reassembling. The last thing important thing is grease. After cleaning and before reassembling, put some fresh grease inside the slip yoke. You should use about 1/4 cup of grease. This should be a glob of grease about the size of a large apricot. Either smear the grease all over the spline or wipe it inside the splined hole of the slip yoke. Once it is all cleaned and re-greased, push the boot up over the lip of the slip yoke on one end and over the weld on the tube at the other end. Make sure you put it back on the same way it came off. Now band it down using either the stainless steel bands or the nylon zip ties. Now celebrate a job well done with a beverage of your choice. Cheers! 

Customer Reviews

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Jim Smith
Right and Tight

It was a cold night when I installed the boot on my driveshaft. With the stiffness of the new rubber it was difficult to slide the ends on. A little heat and some soapy water got the job done. Banded it on both ends and job finished. Might have helped if the shaft wasn't attached to the Atlas transfer case under the Jeep.

Anthony Camoratto
Big Boot

Boot arrived with the rear drive shaft. It was in perfect shape and I like that it included metal ties and plastic zip ties, so I could choose which to use. However, the circumference of my boot was too large, so much so that even tightening it with the zip ties didn't even come close to holding it in place. I wound up reusing the boot from the old drive shaft.


These came on my Tom Woods driveshafts, but I tore one on some rocks. These boots are tough! They're not light duty, that's for sure. Great that they came with stainless boot bands and zip ties for those who don't have a CV band tool. The boots fit the shafts so well, that you barely even need anything to hold them in place. The boots are a tight fit, so warming them up a little certainly helps.

Tony Merrill

Great product!!!!