Super Flex, Offset Universal Joint

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Super Flex U-Joint

The unique design of off-set trunnions sets the mating yokes farther apart than a more conventional joint. This allows for 10 degrees more flexibility than would be otherwise obtainable. While 10 degrees may not sound like a lot, with a 30″ drive shaft, this will allow more than 5″ of additional droop at your axle prior to binding of the universal joint. 

Available in 1310, 1350, and 1410 series. 

IMPORTANT: THIS JOINT WILL CAUSE DRIVE SHAFT VIBRATIONS. It is not compatible with double cardan (cv) assemblies. It should not be used in high speed applications.

Customer Reviews

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cant beat it

these u joints work great on my rock crawler. This product works very well with my other parts for greater articulation. cant go fast but I am rock crawling not rock racing thanks

Great product!

These really work in extreme off-roading. I have severe angles in both front and rear driveshafts and these take care of the problems I was having with broken ujoints.