ZJ or WJ Multiple Double Cardan Front Shaft

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Grand Cherokee Multiple Double Cardan Front Drive Shaft 

For Jeep Grand Cherokee, ZJ and WJ models. The multiple double cardan shaft is a shaft with a double cardan (aka CV) on each end of the shaft. This is used when proper geometry for a conventional double cardan cannot be achieved due to lift height or other reasons. This is usually the case on vehicles with more than 4 inches of lift. The multiple double cardan is only recommended if you have a big lift, bad angles, and the drive shaft is spinning all the time. It is also only applicable to front drive shafts. For a better understanding of all this you can watch the video embedded at the bottom of this page. Because this is a highly custom shaft and because there are some other variables involved with a Grand Cherokee, please call us if you are interested in ordering.

 Key features listed below. 

  • 2" diameter 0.120" wall USA made DOM tube. 
  • 1310 series joints.
  • Bigger and stronger than stock spline stub. 
  • Forged slip yoke. 
  • Greaseable CV center ball. 
  • Your choice between Tom Wood's exclusive Gold Seal greaseable universal joints or non-greaseable joints
  • Best of all every shaft can be custom built to whatever length you need. So you can be sure that you will get the right thing the first time around.