CJ Rear Drive Shaft, Double Cardan

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CJ Rear Drive Shaft, Double Cardan

Rear drive shaft for Jeep CJ. Double cardan type, also known as a CV. This is what you need if your Jeep is lifted and you are experiencing vibrations or other problems due to increased angles. Shaft will require a CV compatible yoke for transfer case (26ZCV-131) or (10ZCV-131), and may require axle shims (SHIMS). 

Key product features

  • 2" diameter 0.120" wall USA made DOM tube. 
  • Forged slip yoke. 
  • Greaseable CV center ball.
  • Your choice between Tom Wood's exclusive Gold Seal greaseable universal joints or Spicer non-greaseable joints.
  • Comes with special reduced head CV bolts for ease of installation.
  • Best of all every shaft is custom built to whatever length you need. So you can be sure that you will get the right thing the first time around.
  • Custom made drive shafts are shipped one business day after the order is received. How is that possible you ask? Magic. Magic and hard work. 

Jeep CJ lengths drive shaft lengths vary a bit and we want to make sure you get the right thing. That is why require a length measurement before building your shaft. Measuring is simple and easy. You can read more about how to measure in the link below. 

Click here for more technical information and for photos showing how to measure for the correct shaft.

Shafts less than 16" must be built using the S spline. Shafts less than 13.375" will require special modifications and must be ordered over the phone. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Another Great product

This is my 3rd cv shaft from Tom Woods in nearly 20 years. I run a tj with a 5.5 extreme duly R.E. Long arm kit and its hell on the rear driveshafts due to the angle. Tom Woods has the best in the business. Thanks again.

Rear driveline

Fit perfect! Top of the line craftsmanship! Ordered on a Sunday and had them in my hands the following Thursday!

Fits other Jeeps also

I have purchased 5 or 6 driveshafts from Tom Woods over the last decade, mainly due to a series of suspension upgrades on my vehicles. They are and have always been the best quality. I have not broken one yet. I did wear out one center joint at about 40,000 miles because it is almost impossible to grease without removing the driveshaft. Now I just bite the bullet and remove it once a year for a thorough greasing. My most recent purchase was for a 1972 Wagoneer with 9 inch lift, not a CJ as the website indicates but they have the same U joint sizes. Delivery was a blazing fast 2 days after my order. At that rate you really don't have to guess on the measurements - just wait until you have everything else installed, measure, then order.

1984 CV drive shaft

The order was placed, received and shipped as promised. I installed it in place of one I have ran since 1998(different supplier) which had been modified after the 5.7L Hemi installed in 2008. Installation was as described and fit perfectly. I have not been off roading with it yet, but if it is a tough as the original it will be great. I like the zerks on the outside of the universals. The CV flat grease fitting is no problem with a grease needle( and one was supplied with the new shaft), bonus as a spare. I also run rear axle shimmed 8 degrees to reduce drive shaft angles.