TJ/LJ Rubicon Rear Drive Shaft

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TJ Rubicon CV Rear Drive Shaft

Rear drive shaft for Jeep TJ or LJ. Only fits Rubicon model.

TJ Rubicon rear drive shaft vibrations are virtually guaranteed on any TJ Rubicon with 2" of lift or more. Because these shafts are so short, every 1" of lift adds nearly 4° of angle to the drive shaft! All that added angle will cause Rubicon stock rear drive shafts to shudder and vibrate. The solution is to run a double cardan (also know as a CV) drive shaft. This will smooth out the power flow by splitting the angle between multiple joints. In order for this type of shaft to work correctly however, you may need to adjust the angle of your rear pinion using adjustable control arms. Click the link below for more details about proper pinion angle. 

Key product features

  • 2" diameter .120" wall USA made DOM tube. 
  • 1310 series double cardan, 1330 series joint at axle. 
  • Forged slip yoke. 
  • Greaseable CV center ball.
  • Your choice between Tom Wood's exclusive Gold Seal greaseable universal joints or non-greaseable joints.
  • Attaches to transfer case using a steel socket flange, strongest on the market.
  • Best of all every shaft is custom built to whatever length you need. So you can be sure that you will get the right thing the first time around.
  • Standard wheelbase TJ Rubicons come with the S spline. Long wheelbase LJ Rubicons have the option of the longer X spline. 
Jeep TJ Rubicon lengths drive shaft lengths vary a bit and we want to make sure you get the right thing. While not required, we do suggest that you take a length measurement before ordering. Measuring is simple and easy. You can read more about how to measure in the link below. 

Click here for more technical information and for photos showing how to measure for the correct shaft.

We recommend a new set of straps and bolts to securely attach your new drive shaft.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to install the drive shaft. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Mariano Lozano
Bad quality and customer service

I bought this driveshaft a year ago for my 2005 TJ Rubicon. After 3 months and 3.600 miles, one u-joint in the CV failed and had to replace it at my cost. (I'm still waiting for the replacement u-joint offered and never sent). Now, after a year, with only 10.000 miles and greasing constantly, the other original u-joint in the CV failed and also the cv centering ball failed too... I'm very disappointed. This is my 3rd Tom Woods driveshaft in many years and first time i have such a bad experience. Now i will have to buy another driveshaft and throw this one away because the repair cost is almost the same to buy a new one.

Ryan Davis
Perfect fit!

Driveshaft fit perfectly! Excellent quality came complete and balanced freshly painted and ready to be installed. Installation was easy and 100% cured the vibration in my 03 rubicon with a 3 - 1/2” short arm lift. Just wish I bought it sooner! I’ll be adding the front shaft next!
Thank you Tom Woods!

P.s. sweet stickers pack!

Brian MacInnes
Very happy with this driveshaft. No more Vibes!!

I bought my TJ Rubicon second hand and the previous owner had installed a lift kit. Under load, especially up any kind of incline the dash would shake violently around 20-25mph. I tried balancing tires, replacing u-joints on the old driveshaft and nothing I tried worked. After much google searching, forums members recommended this CV driveshaft. After installing this driveshaft and adjusting the pinion angle ALL VIBES WENT AWAY!! Its like a totally different vehicle now! So smooth! The pinion angle is very easy to adjust if you have adjustable upper control arms. Search "How To Properly Measure & Setup Rear Pinion & Double Cardan Driveshaft Angles" on YouTube, it's the video from "ATEM OFFROAD". A++

Paul Fronczak
Exceeded Expectations!

This was my first purchase from Tom Woods and I can honestly say I couldn't be happier. The drive shaft I received was extremely well packed and shipping time was exactly what they said it would be. This drive shaft is a quality product that did cure my issue with vibration on acceleration. Exact fit and no issue installing. It took less than an hour. Excellent product!

John Leisner
Quality driveshaft

Made well, packaged well, looks good.

Why do I need to measure?

When considering why measurement is essential for selecting the right drive shaft, the variability introduced by vehicle modifications becomes paramount. For example, even with standardized lift sizes like 3 inches for a Jeep Wrangler JK, the specific type of lift kit and accompanying components such as control arms can vary significantly. Control arms, whether adjustable or fixed, alter the axle's position, directly impacting the required length of the drive shaft. This variability means that assumptions based on lift size alone can lead to incorrect fittings and potential operational issues. At our company, we prioritize accuracy and customer satisfaction by requesting measurements. This ensures that the drive shaft we provide fits precisely and functions reliably within your vehicle's specific setup. By taking a quick measurement from your transfer case yoke to your axle yoke, you can guarantee a custom-fit solution without additional cost or delay, optimizing both performance and safety.

How long does shipping take and how much does shipping cost?

Almost all orders placed by 5:00 Mountain Time will ship the following business day. When we are experiencing an abnormally high order volume some orders will ship 2 business days after the order is received. See the map below for transit times. We offer free UPS Ground shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states on any order over $200. $10 shipping on orders less than $200. If you need faster shipping or don't see the options you need, please call us.

shipping map 2024.png__PID:cc29dc5e-008c-4105-8a72-911e28359e1e
What are the different spline options?
  • S Spline (Short): Conventional spline stub with a safe and effective 3" stroke.
  • X Spline (Extended): Longer than the S spline, cut for the full length of the spline stub, yielding more than twice the contact area and a 4.5" stroke for extended life.
  • XB (Boot): Heavy rubber boot with stainless steel banding for wet and dirty conditions.
  • XC (Cap/Dust Cap): Drilled and tapped slip yoke with grease fitting and dust cap for rocks and extreme wheeling.
  • The X spline with XC yoke is considered the best all-around option. Different yoke-seal options are only available with the X spline. The S spline always comes with a dust cap. X spline may not be an option depending or total length of drive shaft. 
Are greaseable or non-greaseable joints better?

Non-greaseable joints are slightly stronger, but the difference is not significant compared to regularly maintained greaseable joints. The key factor is maintenance:

  • Greaseable joints: Outlast non-greaseable joints if greased regularly, but require consistent upkeep.
  • Non-greaseable joints: Maintenance-free but cannot be re-greased when they dry out, eventually needing replacement.

Choose greaseable joints if you are committed to regular maintenance. If you prefer a maintenance-free option, non-greaseable joints are suitable, but remember that other drive shaft components may still need greasing. The best choice ultimately depends on your individual needs and preferences.