Strap and Bolt Set, 1310 or 1330 Series

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What most people don't realize is that the u-joint straps are designed to stretch and conform the to the u-joint when tightened. Once they have been stretched once, they should not be re-used. Using old straps can prevent your u-joint from being held in place firmly and securely. If you have a strap and bolt style yoke and are getting a new drive shaft, you should get a fresh set of straps and bolts. Fits Jeep and Ford yokes, does not fit Chevy or GM yokes.

Fits either 1310 or 1330 but only fits 1310 or 1330 series yokes with threaded holes. If your yoke has non-threaded holes, you may need a set of u-bolts instead. 

Proper torque on the bolts/screws is 15 foot pounds. 

If you need these and it's not part of a larger order and you want to save some time and money on shipping you should be able to find these locally at an auto parts store using Spicer brand part number 2-70-18X. 

Customer Reviews

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Amazing shipping time, quality, and customer service

Terry Anspaugh
Design and fit

I'm no true mechanic by Any means..I know how to ask questions prior to attempting shit I don't know about. Replacing these straps as opposed to reusing the old ones, was a no brainer when explained to as why actually made sense. The fit is unique. When rpms, vibration and fit are essential, replace that $10 part. It'll save you money in the long run. Were shipped with my drive shaft even sooner then was told from our phone conversation. Tom Woods helped me get my 05-TJ back on the road. Tom and crew will get my business again. Oh cool sticker as well.

Christian Taylor
1994 cherokee xj, front driveshaft, straps, bolts

Showed up quickly, perfect size for my 1994 cherokee xj, looks way stronger then stock, installed easily. Great quality parts.

Mike Buchanan
Purchased for new installation

Purchased this to go along with my new drive shaft. Although the bolts came with blue thread locker pre installed, I added more during installation just to be on the safe side. Tom Woods recommends new straps when installing new drive shaft, so I did.

Karl W
Fit perfectly

When putting on a new Tom Woods shaft, why not throw on new straps! These fit perfectly!