My Shaft Is A Woody T-Shirt

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Let the world know you have a woody with this high quality t-shirt.

Printed on a 100% cotton, 100% made in America [Insert bald eagle noise], Bayside brand shirt. 

Customer Reviews

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David Williams

Great quality item for casual or formal. Perfect for things like jeep rallies, shop attire, family dinners and church outings! My mother even said it was "kind of funny" with a mixed expression on her face.

john meyer
Building an old tj

Had a vibration in the running gear bought this custom driveshaft all better . Shipping was so fast. These guys are great. Everything has been great so far , now its time to do my part to advertise for them. I will proudly wear their shirt now and the hoody when they restock. Thank you all.

Edward Trethewey
Still LMAO...

In 1999/2000, I was converting my 2wd pickup to 4wd, and needed custom driveshaft due to length, strength, and yoke differences.

I was aware that Tom had recently gone out on his own; my sympathy and business sort-of always go to the guy starting out, plus he had a cool website with a driveshaft measuring and specification form, which I printed out and used one fine Sunday afternoon.

I shopped that dimensioned and spec'ced form all over Houston, and then ordered one from Tom; that particular well-done piece of workmanship arrived a few day later; Tom had beat any local price, list price vs. list price, plus ate shipping.

A couple years later, I converted to diesel engine and a different transmission, with another new shaft from Tom; no price comparison this time. This time, a "My Shaft Is a Woody" bumper sticker was included...LMAO.

I phoned Tom..."Dude, I loved that bumper sticker!"

Tom (dryly): "You do realize that ONLY refers to driveshafts, right?"


I love dry, understated, slightly off-key humor, so yeah, I am completely happy with my new Tshirt!

Walter Bowman
Very satisfied

The guys loved these t-shirts. Very good quality. They will surely be the guys favorites to wear around for a very long time!

David whisman
Nice shirt

Good quality and thick best thing is tag says made in USA 🇺🇸