1350 Series Toyota Rear Drive Shaft, Double Cardan

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1350 Series Double Cardan Rear Drive Shaft for Toyotas.

New product alert! For a long time you Toyota guys have had two options when it comes to drive shafts. Modify a stock Toyota drive shaft or get a 1310 series shaft built for it. The problem with using Toyota OEM style drive shafts is that about the only good Toyota parts are the ones that come on the factory drive shafts, the aftermarket Toyota parts are generally low quality. There's only so many Toyota drive shafts in junk yards anymore and a lot of what you'll find in a junk yard is, well, junk. We have always been able to build shafts for most Toyota applications using Spicer style 1310 series components. We still can build shaft this way, to bolt directly to your stock flanges. The possible problem with this is that 1310 series is comparable to the smaller of the two stock Toyota u-joint sizes but it is not an upgrade in terms of strength and in some cases is actually a bit of a downgrade. We see more and more Toyotas running dual cases, upgraded motors, and big tires. For these applications 1310 just isn't quite as strong as we'd like it to be. Which brings us to this drive shaft and flange combo. The key to this whole thing is the flanges, think of them as the triple drilled flange that has long been available for a Toyota transfer case but in this case it is a nearly "universal" flange for 1300 series American style components. This flange will allow you to run a drive shaft in 1310 series, 1330 series, or 1350 series, single joint or double cardan! Converting things over to the American style components means that if you ever need to find replacement parts they are easy to find and readily available. Most importantly though, if you are one of the people who are running big tires and dual cases and maybe 1-ton axles, you can finally upgrade to 1350 series and stop breaking drive shafts! 

The double cardan is the way to go if you want your rear drive shaft run as smoothly as possible or if you are experiencing angle related drive shaft vibrations. The perfect mix of on-road drivability and off-road durability. 

Key Product Features:

  • Upgrades your drive shaft to 1350 series components which is necessary if you have dual cases, high horsepower, big tires, a habit of breaking things, or all of the above. 
  • Converts your Toyota pinion and transfer case to fit American drive shaft components which are much more common, easier to find, and can be built just about anywhere. 
  • Drive shaft is sold as a package which includes the transfer case flange and pinion flange. When purchased this way it is $50 less expensive than if purchased individually. If you have a non-Toyota axle or transfer case please call us to order.
  • Option to upgrade from 3" .083" wall DOM to heavy wall 3" .120 wall DOM tube.

27 spline transfer case output shafts are commonly found in vehicles up to 1985 and in Toyotas with an RF1A gear-driven transfer case. 30 spline transfer case output shafts are common in newer vehicles with a chain driven transfer case. Count your splines at each end to be sure!

Customer Reviews

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Rafael Barajas
Worked great on a 2001 4 runner

I blew out my original driveshaft and it was impossible too find parts so I got this one with American flanges and common joints. Best decision ever. Measure the top and bottom as well as the splines.
Only small issue was I didn't get the correct pitch bolts for the front side mount. Spoke too a guy on the phone, told me he was going to send me some bolts but never got here so I went too the hardware store too pick some out.i also send some photos and they addentified my concerns quick about the front American flange not having a dust cover that goes into the transmission. I took off the old dust flange cover from the old one and installed it in this one and it was perfect.