1310 Series CV Socket Flanges

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Replace your worn out cv centering ball with a new socket flange. When the old center ball wears out, it is almost impossible to get the old ball kit out. With this you don't have to worry about removing the old ball and seat, just replace the whole thing and you're done! 

Our socket flanges are made from steel, so they are stronger than traditional cast iron flanges. Another important benefit is that our flanges have a grease fitting. Grease is the key to keeping these center balls from wearing out. With other non-greaseable socket flanges there is no way of extending the life of the parts through grease and maintenance.  

These flanges are manufactured exclusively for Tom Wood's so you're not going to find this level of quality anywhere else! 

We have multiple different flange patterns, make sure you select the right flange pattern for your application. If you can't find the one you are looking for give us a call, we probably have it. 

Customer Reviews

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Justin Conkle
Rubicon 1310 centerball flange, Super easy

Part came promptly. 15 minute assembly. 15 minute install. No vibrations. Solved clunk in drive line from offroad abuse.

Justin McCary
Functional but questionable materials

When I received it, over all looked ok but there was some pitting like a void in the casting that was machined over but still visible. When I installed it on my existing drive shaft, I had to find some shallower caps for the u-joint to get the lock rings secure in their groove. I have yet to install it on my vehicle since it has been a tedious project vehicle anyway.

Worked perfect

Used this when I swapped to a Rubicon case in my TJ. Was able to reuse my old Currie driveshaft by switching out this flange instead of spending hundreds more for a whole new shaft.